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Legka Ivanna (Kiev, Ukraine)

Clinic of innovative medical technologies "Victoria Veritas"

Method of usage of combination of medicines for correction of the arterial-venous-liquor disbalance
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Levandovskiy Igor (Kyiv, Ukraine)

National Technical University of Ukraine 'Kyiv Polytechnic Institute'

Computational And Experimental Studies Of New Cage Compounds - Potential Antiviral Drugs
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Levchenko Sergei (Minsk , Belarus)

Joint Institute for Power and Nuclear Research - Sosny

Litvin Anna (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Clinical hospital “Feofania” of Ukrainian State Administration

Scientific horizon for international scientific cooperation of the Clinical Hospital "Feofaniya"
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Lushchyk Ulyana (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Clinical hospital "Feofaniya" State Administration of the President's Affairs of Ukraine

Modern Models of the Living Organisms Functioning at Normal and Pathological Conditions
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An algorithm of Talent Management in Scientific Management
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R&D department in Development of Up-to-date Medical Devices and Technologies in modern clinical hospital "Feofaniya"
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Known and unknown brain potential
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LГЎszlГі JГЎnos F. (Budapest, Hungary)

Institute for Research Organisation, Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Physiological Effects of Static Magnetic Field Exposure
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