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Mathematics and life sciences: possibilities, interlacements and limits

This Humboldt Kolleg is planned as an international interdisciplinary conference bringing together mathematicians, medics, biologists, chemists and people of other fundamental disciplines to discuss the actual problems standing in Life Science regarding the question of improvement and prolongation of quality of human life. Giving an opportunity to establish the professional and personal relationships between specialists working in applied fields and scientists conducting fundamental research, this Kolleg may serve as further step in building a bridge between fundamental and applied research and formation of biomathematics as independent mathematical discipline in Ukraine.

Ukraine has a well-educated scientific community, however, there is a lack of experience in adoption and implementation of abstract scientific methods and results so that they could widely serve for the acute practical needs. Thus, we see the task of this conference in cooperation and coordination of efforts of scientists in various specializations and scientific directions, for joining forces to create in future practical solutions. The meeting is intended to provide insight into contemporary problems in medicine, health care, pharmacology, and environmental effects, Chernobyl disaster and to attract mathematicians in this mission.

An important emphasis Kolleg puts on the participation of young scientists in this event to acquaint them with up to date achievements in mathematical sciences and help them to create an opinion on the place of Mathematics in Society.

For this purposes a certain financial support for young promising scholars (under the age 35) towards the costs connected with their accommodation, meals and participation in cultural events is planned. This support will be granted on the competitive basis. Early bird application is favorable. Deadline for the support application is 10 July, 2010.

Section Mathematics:
"Analysis, Stochastics and Mathematical Physics"

  • Nonlinear PDE and related geometrical structures.
  • Stochastic differential equations and Stochastic Analysis.
  • Dynamical systems and Statistical Mechanics.
  • Dynamics of nets oscillators, neural networks.
  • Statistical models.

Section Life Sciences:
"Theory, chemistry and medicine for Life"

  • Computational chemistry.
  • Mathematical models of chemical and biological processes at the cellular and subcellular levels
  • Virology, drug design and synthesis. The problems of influenza, HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, hepatitis epidemics and other disease, burden after the Chernobyl incident.
  • Statistics in medicine, statistical models of environmental consequences of ecological catastrophes.
  • Problems of duration and quality of life of elderly people, insurance medicine
  • Hydrodynamic models of vascular system of living organisms
  • Dynamical systems oscillators of processes going in the neural networks.
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